Exhumed From The Past: Mental Atrophy

Carátula Mental Atrophy

According to the third edition of Chile’s Won E’Mer fanzine, written in Spanish and published in 1994, MENTAL ATROPHY was formed in March 1992 and previously were known as LORDEATH. This information contrast with the liner notes of their recently re-released demo debut where can be read the band was already active in 1991. Hailing from Puerto Montt city in southern Chile, MENTAL ATROPHY was categorized as a Doom/Death metal act.

In 1993 MENTAL ATROPHY recorded a demo-rehearsal tape titled Obscurity, which contains 4 tracks: ‘Intro (Te Deum G.)’,’ Obscure Influence’, ‘Mental Possession’ and ‘Outro (Ave Maria G.)’. Recorded at Portastudio (Puerto Montt) in 4 channel, the line-up in this demo included Iván Bobadilla (CODEX GIGAS, ex-VERBIMUS) on guitars and vocals, Guillermo Montoya on guitars, Marcelo Carrasco on bass guitar and Mauricio Enipane (ex-TEMPLE, ex-VERBIMUS, ex-DRAKHER) on drums and chorus. Obscurity was re-released by Forgotten Treasures Records on tape format last year and includes an unknown rehearsal recorded in 1991. The tracklist is ‘Tears’, ‘Mental Possession’, ‘Obscure Influence’ and the NECRONY cover ‘Masticator Of A Swollen Carcass’.

According to an interview with Bobadilla published in Chile’s Darksome Magazine when he was already part of VERBIMUS, the members of MENTAL ATROPHY wasn’t comfortable at the time with the sound in Obscurity. Soon was hard to get a copy even with the members of the band. According to the book Retrospectiva al metal chileno (1983-1993), written by Grinder Magazine’s editor Andrés Padilla, the band was strongly influenced by GOATLORD, TIAMAT and PARADISE LOST. MENTAL ATROPHY was part of the first extreme metal gig ever in Puerto Montt on November 27, 1993, and share the stage with Chilean Thrash legends BETRAYED (Valparaíso) and VICTIMIZED (Valdivia), among others. After Obscurity the band split-up and Bobadilla and Enipane came to form VERBIMUS.

*All the information published was collected from different written sources.

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